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Carfe Limited accepts no responsibility/liability for any damage or loss of property to or from a customer’s vehicle. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Loss of Property/Valuables

  • Cracked or Chipped Windows

  • Cracked, Chipped, Scratched, Fine Swirls, Blemishes, Discolouration or any damage to Clear Coat and Paintwork

  • Damaged or Faulty Bonnet Monsoons

  • Damaged or Faulty Head Light Protectors

  • Damage to Instrument Panels

  • Damage to Display Units

  • Damage to Doors, Dash and Middle Consoles Damaged or Faulty Electric or Manual Seat Controls

  • Damage or Discolouration of Leather, Vinyl and Upholstery

  • Damaged Wheels

  • Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

  • Open Windows or Sunroofs

  • Wrapped Vehicles

  • Modified Accessories

  • Automatic Door Locks

  • Flat Batteries

  • Flat/Punctured Tyres

It is the customers responsibility to advise of any specific area of caution to be taken when working on their vehicle.

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