Every drop counts | Carfe
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Because every drop counts,
we’re counting every drop.

With the Auckland region receiving less than half the normal rainfall, we have taken steps to help conserve water.

80% less than automatic car washes

Our systems mean that we use far less water than most automatic car washes. In fact we use almost 90% less.


We use collected rain water and tank water

Our water is sourced in accordance to all Auckland City Council and Watercare approved procedures and policies.


Less dirt with less water

Our pressure washes are high on power but low on water flow meaning they use up to 80% less water than a traditional hose would.


Only what we need

Our wash solution is foamed on so we only use what we need to cover your car, nothing more. That means no excess water used in every wash.


No flowing water

All our water use is controlled manually by stop/start tools. This means no free flowing water going to waste at any point in the process

If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.