Car Wash Services | Carfe
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Detailing Menu

Carfe X


15-30 mins*

Hand Wash + Wax
Towel Dry
Wheel clean
Tyre Shine

X Vac

Carfe X
+ Interior & Boot Vacuum
+ Dashboard Air Dust
Last X service 4:30pm

Carfe Silver


25-35 mins*

Carfe X
+ Interior & Boot Vacuum
+ Dashboard Air Dust
+ Interior Windows
+ Doors Air Dusted/Wells Wiped

Silver Lux

Carfe Silver
+ Protect Alpine Coat Polish
+ Wheel Arches Dress
+ Dashboard Revive
Last Silver service 4:15pm

Carfe Black


45-80 mins*

Silver Lux
+ Hand Cut & Polish
+ Re-Gen Interior doors/console
+ Bumper Revive
+ Leather Conditioning
Last Black service 3:30pm
Station Wagon
Utes eg. Hilux / LWB / SUV eg. Range Rover
Vans / American Trucks eg. Ford Raptor, GMC

Times are approximate only, and depend on how busy we are when you arrive, and the state/condition of your vehicle. Please check with our detailers on arrival. Add on services will extend estimated times.

Please ensure that your car is free of personal items so we can best complete a full interior service.

We encourage our customers to inspect their vehicles prior to leaving our premises to ensure that they are satisfied and happy.


Mag Wheels $12

Wheel Arches $25

Cleaned & Revived

Windows $25

Clean of windows


Interior Dress $30

Dashboard, Middle Console and Interior Door Trim Dressed

Moulding Revived $30

Pet Hair $30

Removal of Pet Hair from Interior

Aircon Re-gen $50

Anti-Bacterial Service

Leather Conditioning $80

Restore & Hydrate Leather Surfaces

Carpets & Mats $120

Sanitised & Shampooed

Seats $120

Sanitised & Shampooed, $30 per seat

Ozone Treatment $250

– Removes odours from vehicle
– Recommended to also have seats and carpets sanitised to guarantee results $350

No booking needed.

Our team will be ready.

9am – 5pm. 7 days a week.
Please note last wash times under each menu item.

Feel free to leave your car with us and return for pick up later.
There is no after hours release of vehicles, so if you do not return for it by 5pm sharp, it will be locked and remain with us overnight.